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October 30, 2006
Studio Update #2

So this past Saturday morning, we locked Josh and BJ in the studio and finished up just about all the bass tracks. Next thing on the list is some more piano and guitar. Most of the synth and grand piano tracks are done, so we have to haul in an upright for a few songs, and then Chris can call it a day.

This thing is starting to find itself. I love it when a plan comes together.

October 23, 2006
Studio Update #1

So we spent all day Saturday and Sunday in the studio working on the album. We got all the drums down, all the grand piano, all the acoustic guitar, some electric guitar, and some random banjo and mandolin. We'll have some pictures and video up soon of the studio craziness for you all to take a look at. In the meantime, do something else!

PS, we'll be doing some synth recording on wednesday, and most likely doing bass tracking on saturday morning. 

October 14, 2006
T-Minus 7

So here we are, a week from our first recording session for "The Water St. Picture Show". We will be in the studio from 12pm-3am Saturday the 21st, and 8am-11pm Sunday the 22nd. Hopefully, we'll be able to post a special "Studio Blog" as we will need something to keep our sanity. 

In other news, HEY! Look at the new website! AGAIN. Yep, I did it again. Yours truly has felt the need once more to spearhead a massive Eisenhower website overhaul. I like it though, and I hope you do as well. There will be a couple fun new things here in the days to come, so keep your eyes peeled.

Finally, don't forget our Halloween show at Muldoon's on Oct. 31st!!! There might be a few surprises for that as well.


September 17, 2006
Here She Comes

It's official my fellow Ikers. The boys in the band have nabbed a producer and studios for their debut CD, tentatively titled "The Water Street Picture Show". SUNY Fredonia recording student extraordinaire Brian "BJ" Marchini (who Scott has had the pleasure of recording with in the past) has agreed to sign the dotted line and work his magic behind the controls whilst The Boys in the Band do their thing in the studio. Expect results early next year. And by results I mean  record.

Also we have a new gig up on the live page. We're playing September 28th at one of our favorite new bars, Valentines Place. Kevin Valentine has taken a bit of a liking to us, and we're happy to be doing business with him once again. Expect a rock show of epic propotions.

August 31, 2006
A Few Things

Hello out there to those of you from those of us. Just a few quick things.

1) Eisenhower is playing LIVE TONIGHT at Valentine's in Fredonia from 10-2ish. If you have a SUNY ID, you're allowed in, be you 18 or 21,  or a 17 year old attending college.

 2) A few things here on the website will be under construction for a while. We're working hard on it, but it's a time consuming process, and we are all college seniors, so I'm sure you'll understand.

3) Thirdly, be sure to check here tomorrow to see if there are any Live Bootlegs in the vault from tonights Valentine's show!!


July 25, 2006
Movin' On Up

Here she is, Ikeamaniacs, the brand new EISENHOWER website. Things are sleeker, newer, flashier, more hard to work on... BUT this is the start of the new year of Ike activity. We reconvene in the fall to work on getting out EP out at low low prices, start work on a full length hopefully, and play our butts off around Western NY.

Be prepared, this just might rock...