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Blues In A  Scott Tofte

Everytime i roll over in bed
i expect to see your face next to mine on the pillowcase
But that has happened in two years or so
i suppose i should learn to let go

There's a pile of clothes laying on the floor next to my bed
Guess they prolly used to be yours, now i guess they're mine 
Should i try to sell 'em should i just throw them away instead
Either way i need them out of my mind

Every time i thought i could move on
I'd tear up your pictures, but there's always one more to be torn
I just keep thinking about the lives we could have had
would it have been so bad?

I see you on the sidewalk when i'm driving by about  30 miles an hour
i never slow down never ever stop to say hello
I'd probably hit the wall if they built one in front of me
I can't keep my eyes on the road

For every call i've made and hung up on
And every promise i have gone back on
i'd like to think you could forgive me though i'm gone
would it be so wrong