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Connie Ė Scott Tofte

Connie woke up with her eyes frozen shut to her surprise
She thinks itís sad
It got that bad
Threw on a shirt and walked around, trying not to make a sound
4 in the morning
There wasnít a warning

Connie looked into the mirror, unrecognizable she feared
This time that she had gone to far
The lights are flashing in her eyes, itís still the only thing she spies
And now sheís losing her mind

Connie ran into her room, hadnít a clue what she should do
She grabbed the phone
There was no one home
Thought about the night before, the only image was the floor
Falling down
Still no sound

Connie cried a single tear, the only one that she could spare
The girl had lost herself
Another look back to the mirror, now something that wasnít there
The blood left stains everywhere

Now Connie donít know what to do, her friends have left her, so have you
I hope youíre proud
Hope you sleep sound

What did Connie do to you?
What did Connie do to you?
What did Connie do to you?