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Things That Could’ve Been - Scott Tofte

I saw you sitting on a swing in Gordon Park
We sat and talked about the stars
You pointed slightly to the left of never-land
Said baby, that one’s ours

A place where we can share, and no ones ever there
A world that we can call our own
We’ll stay forver young, We’ll be here all alone
We’re never going home

We walked the town a bit, stopped to ponder it
You never brought your eyes back down
You stayed up in sky, I was afraid to fly
Too scared to make a sound

What about love? What about trust?
What about all the other things we thought would simply come to us?
What about faith? What about romance?
Without any of these things, what made you think we had a chance?

I brought my life to you, my whole inside to you
And you just laid me on a shelf
I tried to say there wasn’t anybody else
I lied to myself

There were opportunities I gave up willingly
To try steal a moment of your time
Watching her downfall parallel to mine
Got me thinking


It isn’t strange to want someone more like me
Not afraid to wear sweatpants get your hair dirty, curl up and watch rerun TV
She came with a smile to place upon my face
You came with a luggage rack, and a lot of empty space

That’s the price I paid, for giving love away
I salted earth that could’ve been
I was never comfortable just calling her a friend
She was more than you ever could’ve been