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Why You Care Ė Scott Tofte

If I left you, would you cry a lot?
Would you have even wondered where Iíd gone?
And if I stumbled before I got too far
Would you accuse my will of being flawed?

My walk has turned into a crawl
I donít know why you care at all

And if I loved you, then I broke your heart
Would you still care to hold me in your arms?
And if above you there are only stars
Where will your dreams be broadcast when Iím gone?

My start has turned into a stall
I donít know why you care at all

I tend you query your position on this situation
It makes no sense to me
Youíre wasting time, youíre wasting effort, and youíre wasting patience
This is all thatís left of me
Why do you have to be
So Goddamn lovely?

My rise has turned into a fall
And my problems overwhelm us all
You didnít worry, you didnít care
You stood by me through the fall
I donít know why you care at all