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Sparky is the central character in "Small World". He is a bit of a geek, a bit of a nerd, and a bit of a dork, but somehow manages to keep all of these aspects in check most of the time. Occasionally, he'll have moments where he feels the need to dress like Superman or quote lines from "Star Trek" with Chon.

The character is based loosley on the personality of author Scott Tofte. "Sparky," a nickname given to him by his sister, is a reference to a creature on the cult TV show "Farscape". Occasionaly, Scott infuses Sparky with touches of his nephew, or friends of his, and most notably, his main inspiration, Charlie Brown.


Steve is what every young boy hopes to be. He's tall, popular, and a natural athelete. He's also Sparky's older brother.

He's often the voice of reason. When Sparky asks a stupid question, rather than give him an answer, Steve will just as soon point out exactly how stupid of a question it was. He's the Laurel, The Akroyd, the Spade, the straight man.

He's based on Scott's older brother, Steven, who was a year-round athelete in high school, and quite the partier.

Chon is Sparky's geeky foil. He's the uber-nerd of the group, with an endless supply of pop-culture trivia, and a super quick wit to match. Whereas Sparky gets caught up in pretending he's on the Starship Enterprise, Chon spends time studying the Klingon language, just in case he should ever run across one.