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Scott Tofte has been pursuing art and music for almost his whole life. He has been surrounded by both since about the age of 3.

He moved out to Fredonia NY for college in 2003 where he met up with singer/songwriter John Schmitt. It would be another year and a half before the two would start playing together. In the meantime, Scott studied percussion in the SUNY Fredonia School of Music under Kay Stonefelt. All this while, he was still honing his guitar chops, playing on and off sporadically with area musicians.

In early 2005, John Schmitt proposed putting a band together, and Scott leapt at the chance to be the lead guitarist for an artist who was as dedicated to professionalism as he was. Scott now tours as part of "John Schmitt and Friends" in support of John's forthcoming Eltrain Entertainment releases.

In early 2006, Scott was recruited to play drums for another Fredonia-based band, Eisenhower. Feeling that he had spent too much time away from a kit, Scott was excited to be included in their lineup. They have played all over upstate NY and are currently working on a debut CD of original material.

He also continues to play in classical music ensembles, most recently, SUNY Fredonia's Symphony Orchestra, playing pieces by Tchaikovsky, Rossini, and other masters. He enjoys playing in pit ensembles for musicals as well, and is devout in his desire to educate younger musicians.

As an artist and illustrator, Scott has been honing his skills for over a decade. He showed exceptional talent as a you with his ability to draw likenesses from pictures. A product of the 80's, his earliest renderings were interpretations of the classic "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles".

Once he started collecting comics and graphic novels in high school, his interest in drawing skyrocketed. He has started working on original comic books while still in high school, and currently illustrates 2 distinct comic strips; his Peanuts-esque "Small World", and his college-humor "WTF!?!".