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Fri 19/01/2007
Been another while

So here's the skinny on what's been going on lately...

1) Eisenhower along with our producer BJ Marchini have been plugging away steadily on the debut CD, "The Water Street Picture Show". We have another 48 hour studio lockout coming up, so we should be able to finish tracking everything. Once that's done, it's just mixing, some more editing, and mastering, then we ship the tracks off to be pressed and packaged. Hopefully this will all be done before April rolls around.


2) Small World has been getting some really good feedback on Fredonia's campus. It will also be appearing soon in SUNY IT's monthly magazine. There's a website for the strip online now, which means it will no longer be featured in the 'pics' section on this site. My online art gallery is also located at the same site, accessable via the 'art gallery' banner below.


3) My final semester of college is starting, and I wil be student teaching in western NY. After this, the job hunt begins, as does hopefully an Ike tour and if we play our cards right, something HUGE on the horizon.


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Mon 11/09/2006
Small World Gets Published!!!

My comic strip "Small World" will be running weekly in SUNY Fredonia's school paper, "The Leader". This is very exciting for me, as it's the first time any of my artwork has been given a real concrete public forum.

Now we wait and see if anyone actually likes it!

Remember, you can read "Small World" here on the  "PICS" section of this site, and also catch is every Wednesday in "The Leader".

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Tue 05/09/2006
Bit of a different direction

Hey there all. So it's been like 900 years since I've updated this site, but I've been busy revamping the Ike site.

Anyway, I've decided that in an effort to keep this website viable, I'm going to shift it away from being a "Music Only" website. This is going to be the hub of every endeavor I partake in. Namely, my artwork. I'm going to incorporate it into this site a lot more.

Keep your eyes open for that. Rock on.

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Mon 26/06/2006
Been a While, Counting Down

So it's been quite a long time since I've updated this.
Here goes...

It's now a week and 1 day away from the July 4th show in Sherrill. This is really not a big show for anyone but me, because it's really the only time of the year that I get to play in front of my hometown friends and family. I look forward to having a very good time with John and the & Friends.

Also, I've been re-recording a bunch of demos, and recording some new ones in prep for next semesters recording sessions at Fredonia. Dammit all, I'm going to finish this CD by the time I graduate!!

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Sun 23/04/2006
Latest Happenings

Eisenhower has just begun recording a home demo CD, which should be awesome. We spent the day today working on the track "Cinematic Idiot". Tried a bunch of different instrument and vocal ideas out. Tomorrow, we finish that up and polish off a bit more on "Sarah's Eyes", the tune that I penned with Ike frontman Brandon Warren.

On the Schmitt front, we head to Geneseo to play their annual SpringFest on April 29th. The season for the
"& Friends" is winding down, as this is currently the first of our three last gigs this year. The other is on May 17th at Canisius College's Senior Picnic. Finally we wrap up with a July 4th party of epic proportions in Sherrill, NY, as part of their Summer Concert Series.

Take care all.

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