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Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season One: Episode Six: The Pack
Original Air Date: 4/7/97
Special Notes: Character death occurs

Andrew Webster

Action: 2
Comedy: 2
Plot/Story: 5

On a field trip to the zoo, Buffy and friends run into a gang of bullies, who are picking on another student. Xander wants to intervene, and follows them into the Hyena House. Buffy and Willow attempt to follow but are stopped by the caretaker there, as the Hyena’s are off limits. The Hyenas seem to have done something to Xander and the gang of bullies, their attitudes change drastically. As the episode progresses, we see the cause for this, the death of a main character, and the inner feelings of some characters as well. Though the episode lacks severely in action and comedy, it does have a great plot, one of the better ones in its darkness. Revolving around Xander, it helps us to see the characters better than before, and relate to them easier.


Scott Tofte

Action: 3
Comedy: 3
Plot/Story: 4.5

I think that the pack is a great episode. One of the best in season 1. It really showcases the pure acting ability of everone in the core cast. Seeing their reactions to xanders behavior is priceless. And Nick Brendon does a fabulous job at going evil for an episode. He really is a great actor, as well as funny and a great dancer (as is displayed in later episodes). I really like how this episode is a great instrument that Joss uses to show just how close the group is getting, and how bad things really do happen to good people in good ol' Sunnydale, CA. I love this episode. A personal Favorite!



Webby2299: The sixth episode of season one, is another one that revolves heavily around Xander. When he tracks a gang of bullies into a hyena pen at the zoo, the attitudes of the bullies, and Xander himself change. This episode shows us more about how the character relate to each other on a more personal level.
Eaglefreak2k : plus it really shows nick brendons acting ability
Webby2299: another good point, he excels here
Webby2299: anything you'd like to add about the episode in general?
Eaglefreak2k : i think its the first great episode of season 1
Webby2299: elaborate
Eaglefreak2k : it really stands out
Eaglefreak2k : its just incredibly well written
Eaglefreak2k : amazingly shot
Eaglefreak2k : the story is very campy, but told so well
Eaglefreak2k : plus the character's are in a whole new situation
Eaglefreak2k : one of their own is the baddie
Eaglefreak2k : and they have to figure out how to deal
Eaglefreak2k : plus, twist ending
Webby2299: true, really caps off the episode well
Webby2299: so, being more specific, what about the action?
Eaglefreak2k : well the action is moderate, a few scenes here. It's mostly the sadistic hyena taunting and teasing, but there are a couple all out brawls. well done and intreaguing
Webby2299: I have to agree, most of the action was very sporadic, and two scenes of extreme note
Webby2299: I think you know which ones I mean
Eaglefreak2k : the instense "herbert" running down the hall scene
Eaglefreak2k : ?
Webby2299: ...more like the intense "herbert" running down the esophogus scene
Eaglefreak2k : ah
Webby2299: and of course...we say good bye to a character in this episode
Eaglefreak2k : true
Eaglefreak2k : our beloved flutie
Eaglefreak2k : joss first real character death
Webby2299: RIP 1997-1997
Eaglefreak2k : one that means something
Eaglefreak2k : so on to comedy
Webby2299: yes, shall I take it away?
Eaglefreak2k : sure
Webby2299: really, I didn't find a lot of comedy in this episode. It was more sadistic and mean than anything. It has its moments, like an insane gym coach, and zoo keeper, but not much more in my opinion. Though I could be wrong
Webby2299: do you differ in the perspective?
Eaglefreak2k : whoa
Eaglefreak2k : dozed for a second
Webby2299: apparently, it's only been a dozen minutes
Eaglefreak2k : yeah
Eaglefreak2k : sorry
Eaglefreak2k : ok
Webby2299: and we're still recording this conversation
Eaglefreak2k : where did we leave off
Eaglefreak2k : ok
Eaglefreak2k : not much comedy
Eaglefreak2k : true
Eaglefreak2k : this is one of the first dark episodes of the season
Webby2299: very much so agreed
Eaglefreak2k : plot /story?
Webby2299: you can take it away
Eaglefreak2k : i love the stand aloneness of this episode. It's so good that this ep is brought up a number of times in the series future. It's another really good account of "not just vampires" in sunnydale
Eaglefreak2k : The story follows xander and a group of bullies through a trek and hyena possessees
Eaglefreak2k : as*
Eaglefreak2k : the story is solid and original throughout
Eaglefreak2k : and watchable numerous times over
Webby2299: I can agree entirely
Eaglefreak2k : elaborate?
Webby2299: No complaints about the episode's plot. It does stand alone really well and as I said earlier, shows some of the character's relationships with each other. That touch I really enjoy as it lets us feel for them more, especially Willow.
Eaglefreak2k : true
Eaglefreak2k : its interesting to see how she is opening up to the audience in her feeling for xander as the show progresses
Eaglefreak2k : and i love how he plays off that when he's evil
Eaglefreak2k : but ignores it after hes fixed
Webby2299: evil Xander put a few things into a new perspective for us
Eaglefreak2k : much like evil angel does in S2
Eaglefreak2k : so many reoccurring ideas
Eaglefreak2k : so little time
Webby2299: true, true. So oveall rating then?
Eaglefreak2k : im going on a limb with a 5. in the context of this season, this is a perfect episode. Granted not up to par with later "hush" and "once more...", but at season one standards, pretty much perfect by me
Webby2299: eh, I think you give it too much credit and I'll really have to differ with you. I agree with you about the plot. It's dark and brilliant. But I think the abscence of a lot of comedy and action really hurt it. To me, it's not well rounded enough to be perfect, but the plot does save this episode greatly. I can't give it any higher or lower, than a solid 4.
Eaglefreak2k : i base my rating on a curve i guess. It's a 5 in season one to me, about a 3.5 overall
Eaglefreak2k : but that makes out official rating a 4.5
Eaglefreak2k : our*
Webby2299: a very respectable score for this episode
Eaglefreak2k : i think so
Eaglefreak2k : so aside from falling asleep at 2 in the morning (again), a succsessful debate
Eaglefreak2k : joing us next time
Eaglefreak2k : same vampire-bat time
Eaglefreak2k : same vampire bat channel
Webby2299: we just need a cheesy theme song
Eaglefreak2k : ok
Eaglefreak2k : well ya'll come back now, ya hear?