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Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season One: Episode Eight: I Robot, You Jane
Original Air Date: 4/28/97
Special Notes: First time we see jenny calender

Andrew Webster

Action: .5
Comedy: .5
Plot/Story: 1

Dumb, dumb, dumb, this episode is very dumb. When a demon is captured in text, and transferred to the Internet thanks to Willow and Ms. Calender, all hell breaks loose. The demon tries to form a bond with Willow, and it just gets worse. Don’t watch this episode unless you really want to. I’m not going to dignify it with a review longer than this.


Scott Tofte

Action: 1
Comedy: 1
Plot/Story: 1

Ok, so Joss Whedon may be a genius, but he ain't perfect. I loathe this episode. I think it is really campy and stupid and completely unfathomable. Granted there is some decent character development in Willow's love life and in Giles' as well, but the story is just such a lame way of conveying it. I consider this Strike 1 against Mr Whedon, but luckily, he has many redeeming episodes. The comedy is in short supply as well, but there are some witty one liners here and there that are worthy of Joss. Overall, i hate this one. Not really a necessary episode for anyone to ever see. I think even joss pretty much ignores this one.



Eaglefreak2k: i robot
Eaglefreak2k: start it off
Webby2299: I Jane, upon watching it again, is the most craptacular idea for a Buffy episode ever. I think this episode should be condemned to a vault where horrible things are sent to. You know, things like "Gigli". It's pretty bad
Eaglefreak2k: agreed
Eaglefreak2k: so lets not waste time on this
Eaglefreak2k: plot
Eaglefreak2k: go
Webby2299: There's an italian demon who loves his henchmen, he's cursed into a book. Ms. Calender (new character) and willow upload him into the computer system at school. He travels via the internet causing general chaos, I could go on but I don't want to embarass the show any further.
Eaglefreak2k: ok
Eaglefreak2k: so basically, Joss screwed up once
Webby2299: well, Joss neither wrote or directed this one
Eaglefreak2k: well
Eaglefreak2k: he let it get on the air
Webby2299: ok...but not all the blames on him
Eaglefreak2k: ok
Eaglefreak2k: anyway
Eaglefreak2k: but as i was about to say
Webby2299: continue
Eaglefreak2k: the only saving grace of this episode is alyson hannigans acting. she cries like no one ive ever seen. she plays emotional trauma to a "t"
Webby2299: that she does
Eaglefreak2k: her acting, and the statement that she's emotionally vulnerable are the only worthy things of this series
Eaglefreak2k: about this episode
Webby2299: good save there
Eaglefreak2k: yeah
Webby2299: so, you want to discuss the action?
Eaglefreak2k: its was stupid, cheesy, poorly thought out dribble
Webby2299: good, that sums up the comedy and plot too
Eaglefreak2k: comedy wasn't funny at all
Eaglefreak2k: the dialogue wasn't "jossy"enough to be funy
Eaglefreak2k: so overall rating?
Webby2299: eh, I'd give it a one. Half a point for the portrayal of Willow, half a point for Ms. Calender and Giles dialogue
Webby2299: so 1
Eaglefreak2k: 1.5 from me simply for willow alone
Eaglefreak2k: so our total is 1.25
Eaglefreak2k: so can we stop talking about this one now?
Webby2299: yes we can, quickly