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Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season One: Episode Nine: The Puppet Show
Original Air Date: 5/5/97
Special Notes: Principle Snyder's first appearance

Andrew Webster

Action: 3
Comedy: 4
Plot/Story: 3.5

In a huge improvement over episode 8, “The Puppet Show” features good comedy with a good story. When the new principal arrives, the students of Sunnydale High have to put on a talent show. Principal Snyder is the most arrogant, pompous, detestable character in the first three seasons of Buffy, and his memory lives on still. Anyway, when the students try to do their best auditioning for the show, a ventriloquist act catches everyone’s eye. Enter, Sid the dummy. When a string of mysterious murders occurs, involving organ removal, Buffy and the gang immediately become suspicious of Sid. It’s told that sometimes, spirits can be contained within dolls. If they collect human organs, they can regain their human form. This episode has a nice twist to it, as well as some decent action, and involving humor. The end sequence especially is great for quite a few laughs. Compared to “I Robot…You Jane” this episode is spectacular. Overall though, it’s pretty good. This is an enjoyable one.


Scott Tofte

Action: 3
Comedy: 4
Plot/Story: 3

This is another one of those so very "season one" episodes. It's a very campy plot, with some really cheesy scenes, but it's put together pretty well. The story, albeit kinda dumb, is really quite good when you break it down. A couple twists and turns round everything out, and the dialouge is really well done too. Sid the dummy is funny on his own, and the fact that Xander is mocking Buffy because of her fear of dummy's ads even more points to the comedy scoreboard. Enter The new principle Snyder, played by Armin Shimmerman (Quark on Star Trek). He brings hilarity and and equal amount of hatred wherever he goes. The action is a bit weak, still poorly choreographed, and in short supply. Overall though, a good episode to watch. Not needed, but a classic in the Buffyverse.



Webby2299: The Puppet Show, Buffy's 9th episode, and considering how horrible the one before was, this episode was a welcome breath of fresh air. Not only was it funny, but it also introduced another influential character.
Eaglefreak2k: too true
Eaglefreak2k: that character being sid the dummy :-)
Eaglefreak2k: ok just kidding
Eaglefreak2: It's Principal Snyder
Webby2299: very good
Eaglefreak2k: my favorite of the Sunnydale board of education higherups
Webby2299: and the most detestable
Eaglefreak2k: ok
Eaglefreak2k: but anyway, this episode is great i think
Eaglefreak2k: sure it's campy and stupid and so on
Eaglefreak2k: but it's downright fun
Eaglefreak2k: there's no real big message in this episode, but there's a good story at it's heart
Eaglefreak2k: almost fairy-tale like
Webby2299: indeed it is. It well balances all the right elements to get a comical, enjoyable episode.
Eaglefreak2k: lets jump right in then
Eaglefreak2k: plot/story?
Webby2299: shall I do the honors or would you like to?
Eaglefreak2k: go for it
Webby2299: the plot/story here is interesting, especially because of the introduction of Snyder, and the little twist to the plot. When Snyder forces the student of Sunnydale to put on a talent show, and we get a renegade dummy on our hands, what more can come out of that but good comedy?
Eaglefreak2k: True, but still focusing on the plot- it's really a filler episode, and there's isn't some huge Joss-metaphor (jossaphor) buried in the plot. It's just a good creepy mystery with dummys
Eaglefreak2k: now for comedy
Eaglefreak2k: ill take this
Eaglefreak2k: I love it. The character of "Sid" alone, is worth watching this episode. Nothing better than a horny dummy. But let us also realize that due to the comedy potential of the situation, hilarity does indeed ensue. Especially the ending scene where we see the Scoobie's dramatic performance. And it's also great to see Giles try to interact with a gaggle of students he never even knew existed
Webby2299: Indeed. Giles rules the day again! Next to the dummy...
Eaglefreak2k: true
Eaglefreak2k: so, action?
Webby2299: i'll take that
Webby2299: For a mostly comedic episode, the doses of action are good. Though they are sporadic, there's something about fighting a dummy that makes it more...intense. Or, that could just be because of watching the Child's Play movies...but hey! There's a near beheading too. That's never a bad thing!
Eaglefreak2k: theres an actual beheading
Eaglefreak2k: the demon
Eaglefreak2k: ?
Webby2299: well, that too
Eaglefreak2k: yeah, it was good action. Much more mystery driven plot. But the doses that were there, were pretty good
Webby2299: like a Scooby Doo episode
Eaglefreak2k: ok, so that brings us to the comedy
Webby2299: which I think you already did
Eaglefreak2k: more or less, yeah. sleepy again
Eaglefreak2k: wow, we're done. Overall rating?
Webby2299: I'd have to go with a 4. Good episode, very funny, and it's got a new principal, and as you so delicately put it, a horny dummy.
Eaglefreak2k: 3.5 here, good ep, cult favorite.
Eaglefreak2k: but not necessary or really that good, just fun
Eaglefreak2k: so the total is 3.75
Webby2299: yup, a slightly above average episode
Eaglefreak2k: yep