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Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season One: Episode Ten: Nightmares
Original Air Date: 5/12/97
Special Notes: First dream oriented episode, Nerf Herder sign in Willow's locker, First Buffy/Master meeting, Buffy buried alive

Andrew Webster

Action: 3.5
Comedy: 4.0
Plot/Story: 4.0

The episode "Nightmares" is a refreshingly well written episode that really shows off the acting skills of the cast. When a young boy in a coma causes nightmares to come true, members of Sunnydale have to face their fears, with varying results. While some are comical, others are disturbing or true to life. It does a lot to show us into the minds of the characters. Their nightmares show us a lot about the characters, more than we'd find out any other way. This is the first of a few episodes to deal with dreams, and a very good one at that. Despite it being a complete filler episode, it does give more depth into the characters, and features a few good action scenes. One of them revolving around a nightmare of Xander's. Overall the episode is very well written, and acted well. The emotion of true fear is played very well here. This is a very good episode, especially for season one. It's even better seing all the jokes played off of this in later seasons.


Scott Tofte

Action: 3
Comedy: 3.5
Plot/Story: 3

This episode is one of the "deal with real life issues in a demonic way" episodes, that requires the presence of a hellmouth for anything to be feasable at all. The statement behind the story, which deals with emotionally and physically abusive adults, is more impressive than the actual episode itself. Granted, the Mutant Enemy team ran with the concept on this one about as far as they could, and what came out was a touching, dramatic episode which everyone can relate too. How many nightmares have you had that scare you so much you feel that they're real? Imagine that they were, and you are given a pretty decent idea of what this episode is about. There are some spurts of comedy, like Xander's confrontation with the psycho birthday clown, and Willow's amazing Italian duet. All in all, another ok episode. Nothing spectacular, but it's good enough.


Running Tally's

Cordelia almost dead: 2
Cordelia finds badness: 1
Xander bad dates: 1
Apocalypses: 1
Hospital Scenes: 2
Perfect 5 Ratings: 1


Eaglefreak2k: nightmares,
Eaglefreak2k: episode 10 of season one correct?
Eaglefreak2k: this is the first in a long line of creepy hospital/dreams/coma episodes in the buffyverse
Webby2299: yes, correct on all sorts
Webby2299: including the dreams which play a role throughout Buffy's 7 seasons
Eaglefreak2k: I liked this episode. A huge jossaphor in action with the big bad with the big bat attached to his arm.
Eaglefreak2k: story was pretty good by me
Eaglefreak2k: decent, campy, fun, but mostly, when dissected, really powerful, and a big statement
Webby2299: yeah, it was good. I liked how the story developed, and the heavy supernatural influences were there, but it also revealed a lot more about the characters too
Eaglefreak2k: precisely
Eaglefreak2k: a good stand alone story
Eaglefreak2k: although they did try to throw in some series continuity with the very weak master scenes
Webby2299: yeah, but they were exactly that, weak. I don't see how they should even be necessary
Eaglefreak2k: I think that was probably just Joss saying "hey guys, there;s this whole story line that is going on, lets not ignore it
Eaglefreak2k: but overall, the story holds up as pretty good
Eaglefreak2k: average I might say
Webby2299: a little above average in my opinion. The characters were developed very well and the whole concept ran very well in the episode
Eaglefreak2k: still very campy though
Eaglefreak2k: ok
Eaglefreak2k: so comedy
Eaglefreak2k: take it
Webby2299: Comedy here was very good. Everyone got in on the action and they all played the parts well. Though I think Xander's scenes were the best, Willow and Giles had some great scenes too. And this episode also seems to set a reocuuring theme with Willow and being on stage... I also find it funny how Giles says that if it were their dreams coming true it'd be a "musical comedy". Kind of ironic 6 years later
Eaglefreak2k: true
Eaglefreak2k: plus big clown ass kicking session
Webby2299: indeed
Webby2299: any other comments?
Eaglefreak2k: not on comedy
Eaglefreak2k: action was decent
Eaglefreak2k: I like the clown figh
Eaglefreak2k: fight*
Webby2299: yes, I also enjoyed the battles with the Ugly ManEaglefreak2k: I like the stuff between buffy and the baddie
Eaglefreak2k: and the fact that buffy is a vamp rocks
Eaglefreak2k: OOH
Eaglefreak2k: by the way
Webby2299: what?
Eaglefreak2k: the ep showd the scoobies the things they feared, how ironic that in buffy's dream she get buried alive
Webby2299: ah, another good touch of unexpected irony
Eaglefreak2k: gotta love it
Eaglefreak2k: but action = pretty good also
Webby2299: indeed
Eaglefreak2k: overall rating?
Webby2299: I'd have to say that this one is a 4. I really liked the comedy, character depth and the action. The plot is also, as you said, a good stand alone. Therefore, I can watch it over and over, and enjoy it each time.
Eaglefreak2k: mm, again I fall into the scheme of comparing it to the series as a whole, and feel I can't readily give it that high a mark. In season one, sure it's a standout, but overall, just another mediocre episode. 3.5
Webby2299: so then, 3.75
Eaglefreak2k: sounds about right
Webby2299: so then, that wraps up another one